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26.08. 20:15

Program of Your Computer

26.08. 20:15
  • Title: Program of Your Computer
  • Year of production: 2019
  • Duration: 19`
  • Director: Inesa Antić
  • Screenwriter: Inesa Antić
  • Camera: Dražen Žerjav
  • Sound: Dragan Đokić
  • Editing: Dragan Đokić
  • Music: Davor Tolja, Siniša Škarica, Nika Car
  • Producers: Bojan Bajić, Tomislav Car
  • Production: Infinum

The delightful sighs of Denis & Denis singer Marina Perazic in the hit "Program of Your Computer" were a precedent on the music scene in the 80s. Almost forty years later, the song enjoyed by listeners of all ages is once again throwing in a trance - this time students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and the wider programming community. Already at the first beats of this legendary song, they collectively begin an unusual performance incompatible with the stereotype of shyness that accompanies them.

Inesa Antić holds a master's degree in political science from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. She works with communications and editorial work in culture. Her first film, Consequences of Work (2017), was shown at ZagrebDox in 2018. The video work Rosa (2018) was exhibited at the Miros...
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