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26.08. 20:15


26.08. 20:15
  • Title: MMC
  • Year of production: 2020
  • Duration: 24`
  • Director: Darko Bavoljak
  • Screenwriter: Alfred Kolombo
  • Camera: Darko Bavoljak
  • Sound: Viktor Drnić
  • Editing: Alfred Kolombo
  • Music: Nema glazbu
  • Producer: Darko Bavoljak
  • Production: Art De Facto

As a phenomenon, MMC (Multimedia Centre) has gained a significance, beyond the city limits of Rijeka. The tumultuous and intense actionist and performance scene has been the most prominent feature of Rijeka’s new scene in the last twenty years; within the framework of the latter, alongside autonomously presented actions and performances, MMC has also organised events at the Palach Club, including FONA – Festival of New Art.

This is the first ever made film about MMC.

Darko Bavoljak was born in Zagreb in 1961. He took a degree in cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. He took up photography in the early eighties. During his university career he published photographs in Polet, Studentski list, Svijet, Start and many other papers and journals...