Prebaci na Hrvatski

25.08. 20:15


25.08. 20:15
(World Premiere) Synopsis:

Before the start of the 2017 summer season, the Department Store Istria closed its doors. The former shopping center of the city of Pula. Five floors. More than eight thousand square meters. It opened in 1978, and although it managed to survive the economic crisis of 2008, it failed to meet its 40th birthday.

This downtown modernist building is gaping empty. Neglected but not forgotten, she still proudly wears the colors of another time. But it is no longer just brown-white. It is now green, from plants that sprouted in the crevices of its walls, and it is black, from moisture. And colorful, made of graphite. It was said that after closing it would become a hotel or garage, but it became none of that. There was only an empty building left, with echoes of ancient and not so ancient memories.

Born in Pula in 1987 where he graduated from elementary and high school. After graduating with a degree in accounting and finance, he worked at several film festivals and afterwards at TV Student, at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. Throughout the years working in television production...