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Friendship with Trokut

28.08. :0

A documentary about a friendship between Vladimir Dodig Trokut and me. Trokut was known as an extraordinary figure working in fields of conceptual art. Also, he was an art collector and donator. Even his physical look, long hair and beard, along with his specific way of dressing up, indicated his out-of-placeness. My wish was to meet him to see who and what hides behind rumours revolving around the famous name Trokut. He let me into his world. We became very dear to each other and Trokut proved he was capable of being nice, vulnerable and friendly. I decided to make a movie about an artist, but not through his work, relationships and drama, but through the prism of our friendship. Trokut you see in the movie is not the Trokut you've heard about.

Vladimira Spindler, a photographer since 1998. For the last 16 years, she has had a status of an artist in an Artist Society of Croatia. She's worked for various magazines such as „Elle“, „Playboy“, „Cosmopolitan“ and for six years she was a „Gavella“ theater's photographer. For the last 10 year...