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Arrival of a train

29.08. :0
  • Title: Arrival of a train
  • Year of production: 2018
  • Duration: 1`
  • Director: Zvonimir Rumboldt
  • Screenwriter: Davorin Šišmanović
  • Camera: Tomislav Fiket
  • Sound: Tomislav Fiket
  • Editing: Tomislav Fiket
  • Producer: Zvonimir Rumboldt
  • Production: KAD TAD

This film is a kind of reminiscence of the famous film of the Lumiere brothers. After more than a hundred and twenty years, we filmed a movie of the same title in Zagreb, trying to follow the famous brothers. We set up a camera at the railway station in Zagreb ... and recorded the train's arrival. There is, however, no train coming into the station, just voices from the PA announcing numerous delays.

Born 1969 in Split (Croatia), where he finished high school and music school. Played waterpolo; won a European cup, played for Under 17 national team. Sang and played in various rock bands. Studied medicine in Zagreb (Croatia) and Padua (Italy). Graduated from Academy of Dramatic Arts, University...
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