Prebaci na Hrvatski

Times of great depression

(World Premiere) Synopsis:

Is he a boy with an unbreakable spell being cast over him or just an idle uninspired artist coping with his inner demons? After selflessly opening himself to the strangers' ear, hidden in the corners of dimmed underground clubs, he confides to the lens, juxtaposing mantric thoughts of endless sorrow and loneliness, and insecurities of one which he shares with such dignity. What's an artist to do once he challenges his own depression caused by artistic discontent and lack of self - fulfillment. Does he finally faces his own fears and insecurities and creates his own masterpiece armed with every means possible?

Born in Dubrovnik. Buick Riviera, Behind the glass, Yellow moon, You carry me, Houston we have a problem, The miner, Men don't cry, All alone, Cash & marry, The king, Russian, My world upside down and Steel mill caffee are some of his awarded, both feature and documentary work, which he edite...
Festivals where it was shown:
  • 2018. - WORLD PREMIERE (16th LFF, Opatija, Croatia)