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Case study: Srbenka & Chris the Swiss: Neverending wars

17.08.2018 13:48

Before the opening night of the play Aleksandra Zec, directed by Oliver Frljić, a dozen veterans organised a peaceful protest with pieces of paper in their hands saying “When will Croatian victims get a play in the theatre?”, “86 little children of Vukovar” and “402 Croatian children killed by the Chetniks” and several photo portraits of killed children with names and dates of birth and death.

The documentary film Chris the Swiss by the Swiss director Anja Kofmel is investigating the murder of the Swiss journalist Christian Wurtenberg in the Croatian War of Independence. Even before its first screening, the film caused quite a stir in the media.

A quarter of a century after the war in Croatia, the documentaries re-examining “undisputed truths“ are still “a slippery slope“. The filmmakers who dared, Nebojša Slijepčević and Vanja Jambrović, will talk about it.