Prebaci na Hrvatski

Case study: Revolution Postponed

23.08.2018 19:00

After the screening of the film "Revolution Postponed", stick around for Q&A session with director Vlatka Vorkapić and producer Morana Komljenović, hosted by Boris Ružić, assistant professor of film and media related courses at the Department of Cultural Studies, University of Rijeka.

The issue the film revolves around – the transitional pillage of Croatia in the late 20thcentury, camouflaged as the rise of capitalist liberties – is the fundamental issue of contemporary Croatian reality. Is it possible to imagine a future without analysing the past, i.e. without the literal and metaphorical investigation of what went wrong? What can four seemingly ‘ordinary’ protagonists tell us about the complex destinies of our society in the economic, political and social sense (the Gavrilović case, the Kamensko case, activism and politics, and debt bondage)? How is it even possible to make a film about something representing the anamorphous point of our society – visible every step of the way (corruption and nepotism in so-called transition), but also carefully concealed? If revolution etymologically means constant going in circles, do the authors provide a recipe for a return to dialogue and re-examination of crimes over human destinies in the economic and cultural sense? The Q&A discussion will focus on how transition in Croatia turned into a robbery and privatisation into breaking the rights to personal freedom.