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Where to?

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Have you ever, while taking a taxi, wondered who is driving you? Ljijana is a young woman who drives a taxi in Zagreb. Apart from the initial surprise when they meet a female taxi driver, most passengers find her likable and they open up to her. Driving with Ljiljana through the city and listening to conversations she’s having with a wide range of travelers, we don’t only discover the 'condition' of Croatian society, but also her personal story that will make us ask ourselves - Where we are going?

Lidija Špegar was born in Bjelovar. She holds a degree in Journalism and Film and Television Directing, curse of study Documentary Film, from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. Her filmography includes: "Some Things Shouldn't Be Hidden" (2014) and "The Taste of Care" (2014).
Festivals where it was shown:
  • 2017. - ZagrebDox – ADU Dox ()