Prebaci na Hrvatski

Toni Kitanovski & Cherkezi

Their first album “Borderlands” from 2006 revealed bands true creative potential to a wider audience and gained praise from critics and listeners alike. Numerous invitations from jazz and world music festivals and all sorts of venues all around Europe kept them busy and offered opportunity to sharpen their sound and widen the repertoire. It resulted with production of group’s second studio album in 2011 entitled “Shukar” which marks
continuation of their collaboration with Enja Records from Munchen.
The group collaborated with director Petra Selishkar on her film “My world is upside down” and created full score for the feature film “Movie” by Ivo Trajkov.
Bands evolution feeds on exploration of the rhythm called “clave” and it’s countless modification. Clave was born in Africa than spread in Americas, Middle East and it is also common in music of Balkan gypsies.

Put on your dancing shoes!