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26.08. :0

Veruda - a film about Bojan

26.08. :0

Bojan is 24. Almost 5 years of his life he spent in jails around (Turopolje, Sisak, Glina, Remetinec, Pula, Zagreb, Rijeka). 20 years of his life he spent in part of town Pula named Veruda. During this filming he recorded first time in his life – a song. His hip-hop was hardly influenced with his prison experiences…

Igor Bezinović directed about a dozen short films, feature-length documentary The Blockade and feature fiction-documentary A Brief Excursion. He is actively involved in filmmaking both as a professional and an amateur.
Festivals where it was shown:
Awards and recongitions
  • 11th ZagrebDox - Special mention award for directors younger then 35
  • 24th Croatian Film Days - Jury special mention to director
  • 24th Croatian Film Days- „Oktavijan“ for best Croatian documentary film