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Statute -experimental documentary.
Using small cameras in the London underground could be seen as a potential act of terrorism.The author of this documentary has been detained by the police of Westminster underground station while he was filming the interior of the station for his college research. After several hours of examination, the police have confirmed that he was just a student of Scenography and that there are no suspicious intentions in his act.  Nevertheless, he is being asked to delete all of the video material that has been recorded on his camera. The video was filmed by mini dv/tape camera. In order to delete this footage it was necessary to rewind the tape, to shut down the lens cower and to record the blackness over the tape. While the material has been deleting, a new material has been captured. This short documentary presents the sound inside the police office along with the authentic testimony of police officer who talks about civil rights and models of risky behavior.

David Lušičić was born in 1976 in Rijeka, Croatia. He works as an independent filmmaker, lecturer and interdisciplinary culture project manager. He finished his MA studies in TV and Film directing at Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He holds a Master degree in Scenography from Central Saint Mar...
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