Prebaci na Hrvatski


Dear volunteers,
We are inviting You to participate in the organization process of a unique documentary film festival – Liburnia Film Festival.
The 12th annual Liburnia Film Festival will take place from 26.08. until 30.08. and will be located in the small port of Ičići, beside the sea.
The volunteers would participate in organizing the festival booth with the LFF promo materials and would take part in their distribution, preparing office materials needed for the festival, putting up festival posters, distribution of ballot papers and setting up the chairs within the viewing plot of the festival and clearing them up once the projection is over. Volunteers will have the opportunity to gain new experiences while socializing with other people in the pleasant atmosphere of the festival and, in the end, will get a small token reward from the organizers of the LFF.

Interested individuals have to fill in the APPLICATION FORM that can be found in the attachment and send it to [email protected] by e-mail or by using the fax-machine and dialing the number 051/337-279. Fell free to contact us by e-mail or by using the number 091/48 25 448 if You have any additional questions or need extra information about the LFF.
You are free to apply until August 7th 2014.

More about the festival itself on
We will be extremely delighted if You decide to participate and apply for the LFF!

Maja Uršić Staraj
The producer of the 12th annual LFF